Monday, July 21, 2003

Just a week away!

One week from today I'll be winging off to General Convention, the national convention for my denomination. I've never been to one before and I'm a little nervous to be honest. For the 13 days it meets it is the largest bi-cameral(meaning two houses - Deputies and Bishops) governing body in the world. Beyond all the usual issues (who gets how much money) this GC will also face some controversial issues, verifying the election of an openly gay bishop and whether we should create a blessing service for same sex unions. Opponents of both are making loud noises that if approved they will leave the church and even threaten that our entire worldwide association may come apart. I hope they're wrong. Is this issue a struggle? Absolutely. Should it be the make or break for a worldwide communion? I just can't see it. But that's me. I'm glad that I'm just an official observer. Most people will leave me alone on the subject.
Over the two weeks that I'm there I will be posting thoughts, stories and reactions to what's going on. It will be a completely un official look, representing only my own point of view. I hope folks will stop by and leave comments as the time progresses. Not often that one gets to be at ground zero for history like this.
I'm looking forward to it.
In the meantime I have to figure out what I need to pack!

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