Tuesday, October 21, 2003

On Beauty

Bear with me folks because there's an element of thinking out loud in this one.
It begins with a thought about women. It applies equally to men but being a guy I prefer thinking about women. So translate in your head and work with me here.

The thought is this:

All women are beautiful. Some have allowed someone to convince them otherwise.

On the surface it would seem that this thought is silly. Our society sets very clear standards on beauty and there are a great many women who just don't meet it. They may be pretty or average looking, or just all right. And let's be honest there are some that are just (is there anyway to say this with a good heart?) butt ugly. Sounds like more of that "I'm Ok, You're Ok" mushy pop psychology stuff doesn't it? Isn't it time to be honest?

Sure it is. It's time to be honest enough to say that All Women Are Beautiful. That's the way God made them. He didn't make all fit whatever the current beauty fashion is. Right now that standard seems to be stripper meets call girl. If you're not a tall blonde with a body that has a body fat ratio approaching zero and an upper body that enters the room 30 seconds before the rest of you then you're probably not up to the current "standard". Buff it, tone it, tan it, get it lifted, enhanced, tucked, trimmed and botoxed.

Now let me clue you in on a little secret. You're not any more beautiful than when you started. Sorry. If you want to tone up because it's good for you and you'll live a longer and yes you'll look better in clothes (or out) then go for it. Eat right, get your exercise.

But none of it makes you more beautiful.

Beauty doesn't come from a surgeon's blade, a Pilates class or the latest bottle or tube of makeup. If you care about beauty forget them all. Beauty does come from caring for yourself. But you don't have to drop two clothing sizes to get it. Beauty comes from learning to love yourself. With your height and your weight and your hair. Beauty comes from letting other people love you as well.

In my life I've met beautiful women who are young and incredibly old. They've been physical beauties and wrecks. They have beautiful smiles even when they've had no teeth! Beauty shines from within. I've also met some physically gorgeous women who lack a single atom of beauty. Their anger or their emptiness robs them of their beauty. Too much time was being spent on their looks and not enough time on their beauty.

What I want to get through is the thought that you started beautiful. Beauty cannot be applied or supplied. It lies within. Find your beauty, get rid of anything or anyone who interferes with your beauty. No one has the right to try and take it away from you. You should never let them succeed.

Go on, go be beautiful.

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