Tuesday, November 18, 2003

An interesting weekend

Sometimes real life just demands to be let in. Over the weekend WNY was hit with a terrific wind storm. Top gusts hit 70+ MPH. It knocked out the power at my house for some 30 hours. Given that the temps were in the 30's the wind chill fell to I'd-rather-not-think-about-it ranges. The heat in my house? Electric. Lights, stove, computer, cable, you name it, it was out. We survived one night of it bundled under massive amounts of blankets. My darling teen daughter hit the bed in three shirts, full pants, socks and her slippers PLUS three blankets! Meanwhile my mom's "summer" home (long story) had a 30 foot tree fall on it. There wasn't any damage (except to the tree) but it made for some exciting phone calls and a fun trip through the storm for me to inspect the house.
Through it all it's amazing how much I've really come to take for granted. Before the next storm hits it's my plan to have at least one alternate heat source (you try and find a kerosene heater in the middle of a state of emergency), an alternate cooking source (propane stove, already purchased) plus basics like spare candles, flashlight batteries etc.
Was it scary? Yeah it was in some ways. I was afraid for my wife who has circulation problems. In a storm that violent people who live in 100 year old houses should be a little concerned. In the end we survived (Thank you Lord) and that makes a major difference in how I can look back on all this.
I'd be just as happy not to have to worry about stuff like this of course.

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