Monday, January 26, 2004

A decided lack of profundity

I was chatting with a young friend of mine on IM last week (thank you Tim!) and he kicked me down a new path in my thinking about this blog. Tim mentioned that he had been doing some reading on the site and I apologized for not having come up with something in over a week. I explained that my "method" was to try and get something done each week. His comment was pretty neutral but it sprung my thinking in a whole new direction. Tim commented that it was better to try for a couple times a week because people just want to know you're OK.


You see I get all caught up trying to be profound. It's not that I have an especially high opinion of myself (OK, I have a slightly higher than normal opinion of myself but not out of touch with reality). I just don't want to waste the time of whoever drops by to read these little diatribes of mine. They should be worthy of your investment.

So sometimes it's a week or two before I come up with something I think is profound. Which you may find idiotic. Is it possible to be sprung to something more profound from some simple honest communication? Seems like Tim managed to do that without trying much at all. I know that he's busy with college classes and a really special young lady who is way too far away for both their liking (Hey, Kels!). Providing profound inspiration for some looney middle aged youth minister is nice if it happens but probably doesn't pop up on his To-Do list very often.

But it happened. And I'll thank Tim for the nudge, intended or simply serendipitous. Yeah I'll still keep trying for profound. But I think I'll just try a little more often with whatever wanders by.

Heck that's what it says in the title no less.


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