Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Thots from the news

Sinead O'Connor Posted by Hello

Saw an article today about Sinead O'Connor complaining that she's constantly made fun of in the media. Apparently it makes her feel bad and gets in the way of her being "a little old lady" (her words) and doing her music and stuff.

Now I suppose I feel some sympathy for anyone whose life is constantly scrutinized by the media (though now much) and I do feel more sympathy for those whose time has passed but the media won't give them a break. But what on earth does Ms. O'Connor really expect? She's always chosen to "go her own way" from her extremely short hair cut (see above) to her never to be forgotten assault on the photo of the Pope. Her off stage antics have been a bit "different" as well.

Assuming she is not, as she maintains, crazy there remains the question of responsibility. How much responsibility do we all carry for how we behave and the reaction that creates in the people around us? Maybe I'm just cranky but if you choose to live outside the norms of society I believe you have to accept that society is going to talk trash about you. I'm not saying it's right but that it's inevitable. If you decide to climb up on stage, if you decide to place yourself in the spotlight, if you decide NOT to dress and act like everyone else and you decide to do something controversial why would any reasonable person be surprised that the world takes notice? The response is almost as inevitably that we should be able to do whatever we want as long as we're not hurting someone else. And why is it anyone else's business what I do or how I live? My answer is that when you CHOOSE to put yourself center stage then you have to accept the consequences of the action.

I don't know if Sinead is nuts or not. To be honest I don't particularly care. But what can she expect after this lovely list of life accomplishments:

publicly defended the Irish Republican Army
Criticized U2 - who helped her get started in the recording biz
Refused to allow the U.S. National anthem to be played before her concerts in the U.S.!
The whole Pope photo thing
Somehow was "ordained" a Catholic priest and changed her name to Mother Bernadette Mary but quit when she discovered she couldn't handle being celibate,
Declared she was a lesbian
A year later married a man.
Is currently the spokesperson for an anti head lice among school children campaign.

Some people will say I'm being cruel or even un-Christian. That's not my intent. It comes back to the "R" word, responsibility. Somehow none of this is her fault, somehow she's being picked on.

So let me offer a word of advice and assistance. Sinead - if you really want us all to go away and stop talking about you then become what you say you want to become. No one wants to see a "little old lady" in the news. LOLs (as we call them here in the States) are lovely human beings who virtually never make the news because they keep to themselves and live their lives quietly.

As the Good Book says - Go and do likewise.


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