Thursday, February 10, 2005

Just strange

I've got some more thoughts to share on the last post but I'm still working on them. In the meantime something that has perplexed me.

Don't know if it's happened where you are but the major fast food burger joints are all moving towards accepting credit cards.

Does that strike anyone else as ...well weird, bizarre, just wrong somehow? I just can't bring myself to walk up and say "I'd like two Happy meals and I'd like to put it on my platinum card".

Either the prices have gone way high or there's something else bizarre happening here.



foreverchanged said...

Well, speaking as a person that uses a card at these places...I use my bank card for EVERYTHING! I never go to the ATM. It was a real pain to have to make a trip out of my way to hit the ATM before going to grab fast food. It defeated the purpose. I think that more and more people do this as well.

That being said, I think this is why they are making the switch. Nobody carries cash anymore. It mainly translates to more convenient for me, bigger impact on my bank account.

Da Youth Guy said...

Speaking as someone who also never carries cash (you, me and the Queen of England!) it just struck me as an odd place. I guess I expected that to be among the last places. And I suppose it really is!