Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A question to ponder

Things have been hectic here. A snow storm blew through dumping an early spring load on us. In the heart of the snow belt they got up to three feet in just a weekend. That's impressive even to the jaded meteorological snobs here in WNY. So now it's all melting and everything is mud. Such fun.

Now the question du jour. The set up:
I notice a leftover bag of "goldfish" the snack food sitting in the kitchen here at the office. Feeling tired I gave into temptation and finished them off (not too terrible a sin since there was only a cup and a half left) As I finished I lifted the bag to eye level to make sure that I had done my due diligence and finished them off completely. Among the golden crumbs were some black specks, in fact a whole bunch of black specks. I looked a little closer (removing my glasses to focus in close - you may keep your age-ist remarks to yourself)and realized the "specks" were.......

Ants. A couple dozen dead, black ants.

So here's the question to ponder:

Should I be more upset that there were ants in my snack food,


That they were all dead?



Emily McCall said...

Now having ants in your snack food is kinda scary, but ants go towards good food, so I suppose you can take it as a complement to the goldfish bag. Also if you happened to, by accident, consume some of those same ants, you would discover that most likely, those ants are just fiber beings crawling on six legs. Yum!

Now the fact that they are dead is a little more scary. Being ants don't die at much, and if one dies, another will take its place at grabbing the food and keep going. A bunch of them dead, in the same place, is a bit scary.

So my answer to the question is, ants-not so bad, but the dead ant issue, is freaky.

PA said...

Dude, that was seriously gross. Thanks for making me gag!