Thursday, July 21, 2005

How we chose to entertain ourselves

You've probably heard the news over the last day or so about a big name computer game that contains sex scenes. I'm not going to name the reprehensible piece of filth because I don't want to give even that much publicity. I didn't like the game (or its predecessors) before this story and I certainly haven't changed my mind now. In case this is news to you here are the basics:

Manufacturer is accused of putting programming into the game (which can be played on your computer or the major game "systems") where the player can have characters have sex with one another. It's not part of the regular game, this is a hidden (supposedly inaccessible)part of the program. Except wonder of wonder, word gets out and some clever denizen of the WWW rigs up a little software bundle that will make it accessible! Let the games begin! Outrage builds and the manufacturer first claims that the sex stuff wasn't actually in their software but was created by the other software. Finally they fess up, yep, we did it, it's in our stuff. We just decided not to use it.

Here's my problem with this:

These games are marketed aggressively to teens. Spare me the fairy tales about it was rated "Mature" and it was intended only for adults. That's hogwash and we ALL know it. So NATURALLY the best idea for amusing teens(or anyone else) involves violence, destruction and demeaning images of women. Lovely. Even better let's take a look at adding in some graphic sex options! How stupid or greedy (those are pretty much the only options) do you have to be to sell that concept to yourself?

These games show women as large breasts and butts on long legs. In as little clothing as possible. Because we all know that's a realistic view of women, right?
Ummmmmm...... Because it's the way women prefer to be thought of, right? No, still not quite there.... Because getting our entertainment by abusing, demeaning and whenever possible making people into sex toys is really cool. I think I need to barf.

Now let's see how shall we make heroes in our little fantasy world? OOOH OOOH I know! Violent criminals with no regard for property or life. Knuckle dragging mouth breathers whose best choice for resolving problems is to shoot, blow it up or run it over. Just perfect.

Finally because after all of the above the manufacturer PROVES they know what they did was wrong by LYING ABOUT IT!!!

Sadly several major chains are getting all self righteous about pulling the product off the shelves because, GASP, I'm shocked, shocked to discover there's sex going on here! Excuse me here's your profits from selling a violent, humanity demeaning game.

This is how we choose to entertain ourselves? This is what we allow our children and ourselves to watch and do for fun?

Barf making.


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