Monday, March 05, 2007

So what's new with you?

Been a busy week around here. So just some random thoughts:

I have a new office. It's at the other end of the hall from my OLD office but it's lots bigger. It's also a major league mess right now since I haven't found the places for everything just yet. But it looks a little better with each passing day. I'll be helping people move into my old office in the next week. Then help folks move into THEIR old office shortly after that. Beyond that there may be some more moving but it's a bit unclear at the moment.

Latest movie updates - Watched "Thank You for Smoking" which we liked. I thought the actor playing the main character did a nice job bringing some dimension to a character that would have been REAL easy to play as a cardboard cut out. Great place to talk about the choices and compromises we sometimes make in our lives. It is rated R so keep that in mind (language and some sexual content)

Also saw two older movies - Phenomenon and Fried Green Tomatoes and we liked both of them too.

I'm thinking I'll use Phenomenon at Senior High this year since we're discussing "Be Transformed". John Travolta's character goes through a rather amazing transformation and that transforms the people around him. I've seen bits and pieces of this movie on TV over the years but this was the first time I'd seen it all. Good stuff.

Fried Green Tomatoes is one of those movies I can't believe I've never seen. Yes, you can mark it off as one of the top three "Ultimate Chick Flicks" but you'd be missing a GREAT movie. This is an amazing cast of ladies and it's a neat story.

These two are PG-13 and PG respectively.

Also been watching a wonderful Canadian TV show called "Slings and Arrows". Be warned the language can be raw and there's some TV sex scenes. As someone who loves the theater it's like old home week for me. Just hysterically funny stuff. Think WKRP for the theater.

Watched the tail end of the "Jesus' tomb" special and a good chunk of the discussion afterwards on Discovery. You are free to believe what you will but color me unimpressed (honestly I think it's rubbish). I'm seeing people starting right away with the "Christians are rejecting anything that challenges the established belief system". I think that's rubbish. It's fairly clear that the SCIENCE holding up this theory is very flimsy. The movie makers (or are they journalists? They flip flopped on that a lot last night)are drawing conclusions that might be true but it's not very likely. There is nothing here that passes for good science or good research. A huge number of people who worked on the project at one time or another have pulled back from the conclusions drawn. Thanks to Revref for the link to this post that takes a more in depth look at some of the claims. Make up your own mind.

Well, the weather is absolutely howling outside my new windows. Even making the storm windows rattle. Such fun.


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