Monday, October 29, 2007

A Good Weekend

I suppose some folks would consider any weekend whose focus is Diocesan Convention to be a long way from a good one. But this was a very good weekend for me.

I had several folks compliment me on my columns for ChurchActs and the newsletters. Folks have said that they clip them out and send them to their children and grandchildren. But this weekend I was told that someone used some of my stuff as part of their home schooling of their kids!

I made several new contacts with young adult youth leaders and young people who want to get more involved. I moved forward with getting more visits lined up before the silly season starts.

One of my young people (with NO prompting by me) got up during discussion of the budget and asked when I was going to be brought back to full time. He went on to say some very nice things about what I do for them. It was pleasantly embarrassing. Then the bishop said that he agreed and that getting me back to full time was very important to him too. That was very nice to hear. He's told me that privately but it's nice to "have it on the record".

My report to convention on where our ministries stand was well received. I also received more than my fair share of credit for the audio/visual work during the convention (our Communications director deserved about 85% of the credit. I just helped run the machinery)

We gave away 300 buttons with our new logo on them attached to cards touting our online "store" to raise funds for youth ministry.

Our youth reps at convention identified a resolution that was important them, analyzed it, proposed a change, wrote the amendment, presented it and got it passed!

Plus a "former youth", now a young adult was elected as a deputy to General Convention. This will make at least the third GC in a row that we've had a lay deputy who came up through the youth ministry.

Additionally we did the business of the diocese, we took a long hard look at where we are and the future of the church and worshipped together.

It was a good weekend.



LeeThePisky said...

I didn't get elected a delegate to convention. It bummed me out real, real bad.

LeeThePisky said...

I mean council, not convention. Obviously, I'm not awake yet.