Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A lesson for the ladies about the guys (and vice versa)

Yes, ladies this is exactly what goes through a lot of guys heads and why many of never seem to get around to saying something. You see for a lot of us you, the female of the species, are a strange and wonderful mystery. We definitely like you and would like to get to know you better but we're also a little intimidated. Jokes aside the teen aged boys ego can be a fragile thing. Being rejected by someone we want to impress can be devastating. So better safe than sorry.

Guys, yes, very often this is what is going on inside the girls heads. They would really like it if we would just say hi, make a little safe conversation. Doesn't have to be profound and you might want to go easy on the stuff you're really "into". It can get a bit scary if we go all fanboy/nerd right off the start, especially if it's not something they know anything about.

So guys, relax and take the tiny little risk. Trust me, with my many years of scars to prove it, you'll survive. Ladies, keep in mind that what you say can really hurt. If you don't want to talk find some way to say it that let's the guy escape with a little dignity.

Cartoon is courtesy of the folks at xkcd - "a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language" which I read regularly and really enjoy.

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