Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Voting Day

Rachel and Kaitlin - representing young people from WNY! Posted by Hello

Today is the day. If you're a registered vote make sure you get out and do your thing. I know everyone is saying "This is the most important election of my lifetime" but I disagree. EVERY election is important and the presidential election is always important. Assuming that our schedules allow my daughter will walk into the booth with me just as she's done since she was a tiny little girl. Next year she'll register to vote herself and in 2006 she'll enter by herself for the first time. I'll probably get all choked up when she does.

But being involved and making your voice heard is something that can start happening right now if you're a young person in the Diocese of WNY. See those two young ladies up at the top? They represent YOU. Rachel was named the youth rep to Diocesan Council by Bishop Michael at convention this past weekend. And Kaitlin got the most votes of ANYONE as she was elected to be a deputy to the next General Convention.

While they are both still teenagers they are now leaders in the diocese. You can do the same thing. Does your vestry have a youth seat on it? (If the answer is no ask them why the heck not! And keep asking till they create one. If they get mad send them to me!) Join Youth Commission. That's who makes the recommendation to the Bishop for the D Council youth rep and makes the decisions on what kinds of youth ministry we do. Find out when your deanery council meets and stop by, same thing for D Council. If you feel like the adults aren't listening to you ask yourself the question - what am I doing to make them listen? Remember David killed Goliath when he was only a kid (heck Adam was in charge from the day he was born!)

If you're not willing to say anything don't complain if no one pays you any attention. And if you don't vote...don't gripe!

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