Monday, August 22, 2005

Just dashing by...

The title reflects how my life has felt for the last month. I never seem to "be" anyplace just in transit to the next. To be honest it's all a little wearing.

The last three camps of the year went very well. Music Art & Drama (MAD) camp was a lot of fun with three Episcopal young people there. We're already planning for next year including some changes. The name will be Art, Recreation, Theater and Song (ARTS) camp and we will build in time for the campers to do some traditional camp activities that were hit or miss this year (swimming, sailing, arts and crafts type stuff) I'm hoping that we can continue to see growth in this camp overall and within the diocese.

The Junior High/Sleep Away camp week was different this year. Because our numbers were down I got "cut" as a staff person. In some ways that made things easier but it also allowed me to run back and forth between the camps which became tiring and kept me from getting a real feel of having been to camp. Of course I seemed to be the only one not having a good time so it all works out. The campers and families I spoke to were all excited and looking forward to next year.

Add to that a visit from one of my longest term friends in the world and his family. I was a pinball bouncing between trying to find time for them and still make contact and connection with the young people.

There's still lots to do: final money issues for camp, end of camp reports, getting the fall programs on line, figuring out what my new job entails...

Oh yeah, I've added a part time job to my portfolio. The good news is that it's still youth ministry and that it helps with the old personal bottom line. Sometime in the next month I'll begin work at the Southwestern Conference Youth Ministry Coordinator (or something like that) for the Upstate Synod of ELCA. I've become a Lutherpalian! We'll see how good my juggling skills are. Is there a "bad news" side to this? I hope not but that feeling of being in transit I mentioned earlier maybe taking up permanent residence. We'll see.

For the moment I'm trying to get my stuff in reasonable order so that I can take off for a week of comp time/vacation. I'll be joining at least one of my brothers and his family in Lake Tahoe. I've never been there but I'm told it's gorgeous.

So I'll be gone again till the end of August when I have to hit the ground running for the new program year. Lots of things to share here as well. Just wanted to make sure you knew I hadn't dropped off the face of the earth.



Anonymous said...


With this new job & all, are you still going to have time for NEXT summer to do all the planning for senior high? Cause from the looks of it from this blog; that is a really stressful time for you.

Just don't get on a work overload; you work-a-holic.

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