Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Back to Normal?

Feels kind of weird to be here in the office again. The last month especially I've been running around a lot. So now I guess it's back to "normal". That always seems funny to me since I have no clue what a normal day looks like in this job. Depends on time of year and status of various projects.

All of the following have become "normal" days in this gig:

Camp (in all its diverse glory)
Sitting in airports
Long hours in my car
Trying to find a church I've never been to before at 7:30AM Sunday
Sitting at meetings (so many meetings!)

Now what does my most common day look like? Pretty much like today. Come to the office, sort through e-mail, check various websites, sift through the pile of paper on my desk, remember several small (usually) projects that I've overlooked or gotten right up to the deadline on. Make phone calls, answer phone calls, write e-mails, respond to e-mails, try to figure out what needs to be done NOW, NEXT, AFTER THAT and later. There's a lot of keyboard work and not nearly enough getting my butt out of this chair work.

But that's what's up. I've got lots of stories to share from the last couple months but I just remember two things that need to be done NOW! So I gots to go.


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