Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Something new...sadly

If you've visited before and posted a comment you'll note that I've added a security feature that makes leaving a comment slightly more annoying (hopefully only slightly). You'll now have to verify you're a real person by copying a security code. The reason for this is that I'm getting spam comments. The first batch was just annoying and I figured I'd just edit them. The latest was totally inappropriate so I have to defend myself and my readers.
Hope you understand.
As for the spammers, I think you're dirt bags.


1 comment:

Steve F. said...

Welcome to the world of spam, my friend. And yes, it sucks - big time.

I've never understood the need to be simply malicious...never understood the need to smash mailboxes, or pumpkins at Halloween, or any of that crap. I find no "oooh, wow" in creating destructive or annoying viruses, nor do I find any benefit in spamming blogs or launching denial of service attacks on websites.

It's particularly annoying when (as in my own case) even kinda sorta faith-centered blogs were getting sex-toy postings, or suggesting how to enlarge various physical attributes. Why aren't they spamming Hustler or Playboy with that crap?

To me, those people already have "the mark of the beast" on their souls.