Friday, September 30, 2005

A new season begins

For the last 12 or 13 years I've been playing indoor soccer in the winter time. Last night was the first night of the new session.

It should be noted right up front that I am not now nor was I ever an athlete. Like many American males this hasn't kept me from playing sports. As a soccer player I have limited ball skills, limited speed and at my age limited endurance. What I bring to my team is perserverance, a pretty good knowledge of position play and enthusiasm.

None of which helped last night when we lost 5-1. The game was actually much closer than that. We had a slack period when we ran out of gas a bit and the other team put up three quick goals. For a first night back we didn't look out of place in a mid level recreational league.

As for your humble correspondent, I played defense all night, was only on the floor for two of the goals and managed to put virtually every pass I tried right on the button. I didn't do anything stupid and almost avoided hurting myself. About 6 minutes before the end I tangled myself up with another player and turned my ankle slightly. It's only a tiny bit stiff this morning so I think it's probably no big deal. I should be ready to go for next Thursday.

Go Team Orange!

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