Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A time for Thanksgiving

Just time to stop and take a moment to give thanks.(Is that possible, Jay? This is the HOLIDAY season you idiot. You're supposed to be going full tilt, all out, push it past ten to eleven! I'll have more to say on that in a week or so)

What do I have to give thanks for?

I'm married to a remarkable woman who for reasons I have never comprehended loves me deeply.

I have an amazing daughter who is going to continue her journey to becoming a remarkable woman just like her mom.

I have two incredible brothers, a bunch of amazing aunts and uncles and cousins, nieces and nephews and other family members of various descriptions.

I have the memories and life lessons of two amazing parents. I miss them both deeply.

I have a group of friends who are smarter and more profound than I will ever be. And tiny little bits of them have rubbed off on me over the years.

I have not just a job (but that would be reason enough to give thanks) I have an amazing job that is also my ministry. And it's done with people young and old who humble me and inspire me virtually every day.

I'm healthy.

I live in a time and place that offers me an amazing array of opportunities.

I was going to say "I'm a member" of a great congregation. But I prefer to say I belong to a great congregation. I hope you understand the difference that makes.

I believe that God loves me and is watching over me. While still leaving me the discretion to make my own decisions. And loving me despite the stupid decisions I make on an appallingly regular basis. And I hope you understand how wonderful that is.

I have so much to be thankful I should feel guilty ever moaning, complaining, griping, or whining about anything else in my life.

Today I give thanks for every one and thing mentioned above. I can only hope that I am a fraction as much a joy in their lives as they are in mine.


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I.F. said...

Thank you for the wonderful sentiment, expressed beautifully.