Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Yeah, that's a miracle!

I'm still frazzled from the summer and having a little trouble getting myself re-oriented to "real" life. Of course having my only daughter going off to college the day after tomorrow, my lady wife going into surgery in a week and having to move from one house to another while still trying to do my job is probably effecting the overall confusion too! I literally had to stop and think what day it was as I rode into work today.

Of course things could be worse. Walt Mueller is the man behind the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding CPYU, a very cool resource site for stats and info on the world our young people have to traverse. Walt went into work early one day this week and was narrowly missed when a car crashed through his office wall! Photos He was on the phone with his son (who ended up hearing the whole accident)and managed to step just far enough out of the way that he suffered nothing more than some scrapes from the whole thing!

My prayers go out to Walt and the driver (who was basically OK too it appears).

Makes me glad I'm on the second floor.


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I.F. said...

Hi Jay,

Thanks for the link to the Center for Youth/Parent Understanding. It's a good resource that I didn't know was out there.