Friday, May 25, 2007

It was 30 years ago today...

Thanks to my buddy I.F. Eastman for finding this video clip:

This is the original promo video you would have seen in the movie theaters. And yes, it's AWFUL!!!! But that's the way it was back in the day.

20th Century Fox was very worried about this movie going in. It was like nothing ever done before. Plus it was attached to a big marketing campaign with all kinds of related merchandise. Problem was they had tried this with the original Dr. Doolittle movie. The merchandise was a flop and they had warehouses FULL of leftover junk. This was even worse, outrageous effects, budget problems, minimal support from the studio brass, Lucas was starting the story in the FOURTH chapter for the love of D.W. Griffith! Prior to the first audiences seeing it most folks including critics figured it to be anywhere from an OK money maker to a colossal flop.

It received 10 Academy Awards and won 6. It's earned around 20 Billion dollars between all of it's films and other "junk".

And, for better and worse, it changed the movies we watch.

Happy Birthday Star Wars. May the Force be with you.



Gman said...

I still have the book right before the movie was released! It is on my bookshelf today!

Magdalene6127 said...

Hey Youth Guy! Thanks for stopping by my blog... we are neighbors, sort of! And I'm fascinated to hear of your actress-daughter. It's pretty cool watching my children embrace something I have always loved (and outpace me at it as well...)

Gotcha bookmarked...

Deep blessings,