Friday, November 30, 2007

More from my home in faith

My friend Lee got me started on these then I got distracted. So here's another look at part of my home parish. This is the old baptismal font. A few years back our interim wanted to move it to the more theologically/traditional correct place by the main doors in the back. Some of us tried to point out that there was no place back there to move this thing and that it would make the congregation have to turn and stand backwards in the pews for baptisms. He didn't see that as a problem (we did. I will note for fairness sake that I liked our interim and I think he did a wonderful job. We just a few disagreements along the way) What finally dissuaded him was the fact that it was cemented to the floor where it is! So there it remains. It is my habit (I can't explain why) to touch the angel on the wing as I pass by after taking Communion.

If you're looking for a sense of scale that's a grand piano visible in the back. It sits about 6-8 feet from the wings.


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LeeThePisky said...

Wow! Absolutely gorgeous!

There was some talk of moving our font once upon a time, but it died down. Ours is nowhere near as grand and elegant as this one. I dare say ours is, well, ugly.

Of course, I was baptized in a river as a Baptist. Dunked all the way under while the cows watched and chewed their cud. So I guess I really have no business dissing our baptismal font.