Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy 2008!

I know everyone else in the blogosphere is way ahead of me on this one but I really took the end of last year off from most of my usual activities. So let's get caught up.

Christmas was lovely. Best presents were the circular saw from the in laws and two tickets to a March Bruce Springsteen concert from my brothers. Have I mentioned recently what a wonderful pair of brothers God has blessed me with? Primo times two.

The weather has been fine. It snowed lightly on Christmas Eve so we had a white Christmas.

My football pool. I never really recovered from my bad start but did finish in the top 50% of the pool. So I wasn't utterly humiliated. The next to last week was very good. I finished #8 for the week and #2 in the points per pick category. The last week of the season was a disaster. Too many teams resting starters and playoff implications and just bad football. Bleah. Still thinking about whether to try the playoff pool too. I'm just very leery of my Steelers prospects.

Watched the "Winter Classic" hockey game. From the comfort of my living room, natch. Yes, it was every bit as cold and snowy as it looked. And yes I was perfectly happy that the Pens won. I would have been almost as happy if the Sabres had. Almost.

New Year's Day some idiot backed into my car
and drove away. That's about a two foot crack in the high tech plastic door panel on my Saturn. Which will cost a mere $900 to repair and paint to match.
I'm struggling with some very un-Christian thoughts about whoever did this.

Beyond that I'm looking forward to the New Year. It has the potential for some really good things this year I believe.

I'll try and get more caught up next week.


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Ah man you say your struggling with un-christian thoughts! I think I would be struggling with un-christian deeds!! Last year me my wife and my kids returned on new years day from a trip to scotland with our caravan and 600 miles later we were knackered! as we pulled into our road our car slid right down the side of my neighbours car and I was gutted, I even thought I wouldnt tell him because it was gonna cost me! Thankfully my conscience got the best of me and on NEW years day I got the privilege of telling my neighbour I had done £2500 worth of damage to his beautiful car. I hope they come and own up mate!!