Thursday, June 05, 2008

A Horrible day so far...

Came in to the office this morning, fired up the computer and Firefox my trusty web browser won't work.

Actually it's spent the morning claiming it WAS working but that I just couldn't see it.

I've spent most of the morning at as many of the Mozilla help sites as I could find. None of them seemed to solve the problem. I've done everything I can think of doing, re-booting, going to a restore point (everything worked fine on Tuesday), deleted the profiles.ini file, finally broke down and deleted the program. Re-installed the program. Did several steps over again. Nothing.

(Thank God I had Opera as a back up.)

Finally got access to the Profile manager which let me get in under a default profile. Sadly it appears that several years worth of bookmarks are in the wind.

I can't imagine what happened yesterday that would cause this. The laptop went home with me to do some work, I couldn't connect to my home wireless network (still can't although my daughter can on her Apple laptop)and fiddled with some of those settings but using Restore should wipe those out.

I'm really angry about losing all those bookmarks. I'm hoping that since profile manager seems to believe my old profile is still here I might be able to snag them. Otherwise...

I'm going to be grumpy for the rest of the day.

Very, very grumpy.

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