Thursday, June 05, 2008

Time to be gracious

Here's another reason why I'm grumpy. But this only contributes a little bit.

Congratulations to the Red Wings and their fans. It was an amazing Stanley Cup Final with some absolutely incredible hockey. It had pretty much everything that is not only good but great about the sport. Some astounding goaltending, wonderful virtually non-stop action, great hitting, come from behind action and tension literally to the final second of the final game.

I'm very proud of my Penguins. They never quit. They were facing the best hockey team of the last decade, playing at the top of their game. The Red Wings were smothering. At times it looked like they were on a permanent power play with at least one more player on the ice than the Pens. The Penguin's stars were largely shut down and STILL the Pens refused to pack it in. They were in it till the clock ran out (even if that took FOREVER in game 5!!!)

The Penguins were good. Really good.

The Red Wings were great.

Hail the victor!

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