Friday, July 31, 2009

New Orleans Mission Trip

Wow, what an amazing trip! Pictured above is most of the group following Sunday service at All Souls church in the Lower 9th Ward with thier vicar Linnell Wright. A small group was at St. Mark's, Harvey who opened their parish hall and kitchen to us for dinners.

25 young people and 14 adults went to New Orleans to help re-build after Hurricane Katrina. It's been almost four years now but huge sections of this city are still devastated and un-repaired. There are lots of reasons for it - bureaucracy, incompetence, confusion being only a few of the major causes. All Souls is a church plant by the Diocese of Louisiana that is fired up to be a center for calm, direction and rebuilding in this former blue collar working neighborhood. The church is being established in an old Walgreen's store and was consecrated by the Archbishop of Canterbury during a visit. The challenges facing them are enormous. It was great that we could help in some small ways painting a room in one house, doing lots of drywalling, helping to organize the church itself and get some technology issues resolved (yes, that's what I did!).

We also got the chance to do a little tourist stuff. A trip to the French Quarter including a visit to Cafe du Monde for beignets. Beignets are the ultimate form of fried dough absolutely buried in powdered sugar. They were wonderful! Took a long stroll down Bourbon Street and thought how wonderful it would be for me and my lady wife to spend some time there. Maybe someday.

Some photos coming soon! And some more thoughts about the trip as I process them.


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