Friday, July 31, 2009

Mission Photos

All Souls church, a former Walgreens, in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans.

Some of our youth in the French Quarter

You find these marks on houses in the flooded areas. This one has two marks because the teams had to come back to it. They are "X"s. The info on the left designates what search group checked the house, at the top is the date of the search, on the right is information about what they found and at the bottom is the number of dead bodies they found inside.

So the red one of the right says that such and such a group on Sept 16 couldn't get in the building (NE= No Entry). The white one says the next day 9/17 another group did gain entry and found no bodies. You see these on many, many houses still to this day.

One of several houses we worked on. It is nothing but bare wood and stud walls inside. This house is less than two blocks from the church and had water up over the eaves during the flood. Waters in this neighborhood were "only" 15-20 feet deep. A half mile down the road they were 20-25 feet deep.

Ever wonder what a "levee" looks like? The barge that flooded the Lower 9th hit this levee not far from where this picture shows. These are massive concrete walls that were simply not designed as promised (in many places) and failed or were broken.

One of the other leaders and I met this fellow as we were running around taking pictures. He's an elder at a small evangelistic church next door (Philippi Evangelistic no less!). This is his house which he's still trying to fix back up. The water was past the eaves and his 36 year old daughter died in that house. He keeps this sign posted hoping that New Orleans won't be forgotten.

I know I won't because I can't

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