Monday, August 31, 2009

Resouce Review - Toodledo

OVERALL - Toodledo - A way to keep things organized and "get things done" that offers a wide variety of ways to approach the problem.

WHAT'S IT ABOUT? I hate lists. Sadly I've come to realize that I need them. Otherwise I get behind on things and little projects can simply disappear into the mess. So I was interested when I came across the "Getting Things Done" which author David Allen summarized in his book of the same name back in 2002 ("Getting Things Done" and it's acronym "GTD" are registered trademarks of the David Allen Company). This is productivity theory and I don't even pretend to understand most (any?) of it. The concept that leapt out at me was this -
"GTD rests on the principle that a person needs to move tasks out of the mind by recording them externally. That way, the mind is freed from the job of remembering everything that needs to be done, and can concentrate on actually performing those tasks. - Wikipedia

Sounds like a great idea to me. So I started looking for software that could help. Toodledo is what I've found. This is rather amazing stuff but it allows me to make lists the way I want to, give them priorities, sort them as I please and access them from just about anywhere. Online, from my smart phone OR if you really prefer having some solid and non-virtual it will print out a nifty little booklet that you can fold up and keep in your pocket! It also has an add-on you can use in FireFox to add items or check your list. I've found it very versatile and not terribly difficult to use (see below). Whether it will help me stay more organized or not only time will tell.

RESERVATIONS I wish it were a little simpler in the default mode. You may or may not want all the options it gives you (and that's just in the free version! The pay for versions offer you ALL KINDS OF STUFF!) Once you get the hang of it (which happens pretty quickly) I think you'll really like the application. But it can be intimidating at first.

RECOMMENDATION With all the things we need to keep juggling in our lives it can be impossible to keep them all straight in our heads for most of us. Toodledo can be a huge help. It can even be used by a group to keep everyone on task. I think this could be great for trips, projects, even youth group or a Journey to Adulthood group. The free version should be more than versatile enough for almost any use the average person could think of. Well worth a look!

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