Friday, November 06, 2009

Carpe Diem by Shaun Mayfield

Shaun Mayfield does a LOT of things. One of them is write the blog - "an introspective view of life and the meaning of it" which is a regular on my blog feed. His latest post is the perfect example of why : "Carpe Diem - What Does Your Life Mean?" In it he gives four straight forward ideas on how to live your life, not somebody else's. While there is no mention of God anywhere in the post (Shaun is a youth minister in Arizona) I think the message is perfectly in line with a life in faith. Good stuff.

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Shaun Mayfield said...

Hey man, I appreciate the plug and positive feedback. Can't wait to start reading some of your many posts. You are correct this post doesn't mention God, I sometimes tend to write to a business and church audience while firmly holding to a Christian worldview, hence I will typically write "pastor/leader/entrepreneur/etc" or "church/organization/business."

Thanks again and keep writing!