Wednesday, September 21, 2005

More travel tales

So I've just decided to give up an give in and accept that weird things happen to me when I travel. This time I didn't even get out of my home airport! I was scheduled to leave from Gate 21. Now there are only about 26 gates at the airport so I just boogied to the far end. Let's see - gate 20, 22 and 24 on this side. Even Odd so that's easy. I turn around and see gates 23, 25, 27.

Ummmmmm. Hello?

So I check again, nope not on this side. Nope, not on that side. No gate 21 anywhere.

Well, poop.

So I ask a friendly passing airport worker. He takes me back down the concourse! Yes it turns out that gate 21 is BEFORE you get to gate 19. No clue why.

Fortunately the rest of the trip went well.

It's just one long adventure for me.



mindi said...

if it helps any, i frequently have weird things happen to me... for example, when i was flying home this summer the TSA agent was insistent that we held our tickets visibly at all times (no sitting it down)while we took out our computers and put stuff in the bins to go thru the scanner. i had my ticket in my mouth and was juggling my computer bag and the agent started telling me i hadn't taken off my shoes which were in the bin in front of me. i got the ticket out of my mouth and pointed out my shoes. she practically yelled at me 'what are on your feet?!'...i looked at her a little blankly, 'uh, socks'. the whole line behind me was just dying... oh and the big airport i was in...tulsa.

Derek said...

Trust me, I know the feeling.