Monday, February 06, 2006

A thought on baptism and television

I was watching one of my favorite TV shows, "Lost", a couple weeks when the subject of baptism came up. If you don't watch the show the important details are these: Buncha people stranded on a remote island, facing a variety of problems, one young woman has delivered a baby and her friend had a dream which he believes tells him that the baby must be baptized.

Personally I think he's stretching that interpretation, the dream just tells him that the baby needs to be saved but there's a lot of Christian imagery running around loose in this dream too.

Now they have a Catholic "priest" there (that's a looooooooong story but I'll let him slide on how he "became" a priest. Let's just say it's not anything that the Pope is likely to approve of but we're going to roll with it). Mom brings baby to "priest" after a series of strange events (very Lemony Snicket) to be baptized.

Here's where I start having a problem. Not with infant baptism, though I know some folks don't believe in that. Rather it's the baptism as eternal fire insurance. Mom's not particularly Christian. Heck, neither's anyone else including the priest. There's no community of believers welcoming this child into their midst. It just made me wriggle in my seat. Yeah, there's a feel good, this is something I think I ought to do aspect to it but I'm past the point of being good with that.

I guess in the end it's like my Christmas rant. I want the church to take back our holidays and ceremonies. I want the stores out of the Christmas business, I want the government to do it's own marriage paper work and I want baptism back from the "doing the kid" mentality. Why do we let this nonsense go on? You want to share Christmas or baptism or marriage (in whatever form that community of faith understands those concepts)? Fine but it comes with an understanding and a certain commitment. No ill feelings if you're not into it, hey we appreciate the honesty.

But get yer mitts off our spiritual life.



Gman said...

Yeah, like people know spiritual? Heck not even "Christians" know spiritual.

Da Youth Guy said...

Yeah and that's part of the problem too. We're quick to argue about polity and dogma but somehow miss out that folks don't really understand the basics.