Tuesday, June 12, 2007

25 years and counting

25 years ago on a rather hot and humid day a very special lady said yes to me. She did it in front of witnesses and priest so it's pretty official.

25 years ago today I got married.

To be honest I have virtually no memories of the service. I remember the following:

Peeking into the sanctuary wondering who was the guy in the Air Force uniform sitting with some of my family (It was my cousin Jimmy. Never seen him in uniform before. Or since now that I think of it)

Walking out to take my place with my "best men" (Jon, Steve, and Tom. You'd be hard pressed to find better friends then or now) and turning around to face the congregation.

Being unable to look at my lady because I was sure that I'd start giggling. I was very nervous.

Walking down the aisle, then running through the parish hall with my...Oh my God...WIFE!

That's it. No other memories. I know the giggling part came during the exchange of vows so apparently I said them. Can't prove it by me.

Since that day we've struggled with her chronic illness, raised us one spectacular young woman daughter, lost several jobs, changed several more jobs, lived in 8 different houses or apartments, owned about a dozen cars, been owned by 3 cats, visited two countries as a family and four in various configurations, found a church home and generally had a good time (overall).

We've been a couple for about 30 years (there was some start and stop at the beginning because her boyfriend was an idiot. She's mostly cured me of that)

My great joy has been traveling our lives together.
My great mystery is why on earth she chose me.
My great challenge is not being an idiot.
My great regret is that I can't give her the stuff I want for her. (She insists this is me being an idiot again)

After the reception we hopped into a VW Beetle and headed off to Williamsburg VA for our honeymoon. There were a few adventures along the way. But that's another story.

To my lady love, I love you now and forever. I hope you never come to your senses.



toujoursdan said...

Congratulations! :)

mindi said...
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mindi said...


And thanks for this reminder that it's worth waiting for the right love...

PseudoPiskie said...

Trying to push the rain your way...