Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday morning blues

Can I be honest?

Right now I'm not much interested in what's happening in everyone else's life. It's not that there's much exciting happening in my life I'm just feeling selfish. I want it to be about me for awhile.

These moods come and go. I'm perfectly aware that this would be a very bad place for me to stay for any length of time. It can't be about me all the time. Being about me all the time would be bad for my relationship with my wife, my daughter, my brothers, my friends and for my job/ministry. Oh yeah, and it would be bad for me too.

Yet the reality is that we all find ourselves in this place some times. We also need to acknowledge that sometimes we NEED to have it be all about us for a little while. Sometimes we just need to do what we want to do. Once we get a little me time though we need to remember to get back out there dealing with everyone else.

On Wednesdays I'm usually off. On those days I play a little golf. I stink but it's some me time. I usually play by myself even. And that's just fine. It's just me and the green golf course and a little white ball that never goes where I want it to.

So the next time you feel like everybody's all up in your face and nobody is looking after you remember this: You owe yourself some me time. It's OK to take your me time. But it can't be me time all the time.

No idea why I felt that was important to share, but there you go.



Magdalene6127 said...

Hey, Youth Guy! I appreciate this post, I must say. This is something about which people seem to feel inordinately guilty-- especially us ministry types. Good for you for knowing what you need and giving yourself the space.

Also, you survived Madpriest's banning with style and aplomb. Nice job.



DaYouthGuy said...

Thanks. I wasn't sure why I felt the need to write that down. It just seemed to want to be there so I went with it.

You're right I think folks in ministry do feel very guilty about these kinds of feelings. Which is why we have some of the problems we're prone to.