Friday, April 25, 2008

End of the contest!

Just some stuff:

Ok, I'm an old person. But if you're an old person (particularly one who kinda likes new tech toys)this is just hysterically funny. Assuming you speak Spanish. And ever made a mix tape. And have a twisted sense of humor like mine:
Neat little Star Wars touch too.

Well the Bigger Loser than Marko contest is now over. We've submitted our final weights and it appears that in fact no one is a bigger loser than Marko! (His staff warned us of his immense loser-ness, lol) Marko is the head honcho over at Youth Specialties and lost 60 pounds in just 12 weeks. Truly amazing. Here's his before and after photos:

Props to him for an amazing effort. For myself in 12 weeks I lost 21 pounds. That's 10% of starting body weight. I still need to lose another 15-20 pounds but now I believe I can. The formula was one I outlined at the beginning:
Eat good food
Eat less
Exercise more.

Rule #1 was I wasn't going to eat nasty tasting food that was "good for me". Food should be enjoyed. If the only way to be slimmer was eating horrible things I'll die fat thank you. Well it isn't. I gave up NOTHING. I ate chocolate and ice cream and pasta and bread and drank wine and everything. I chose better quality foods (brown rice instead of white, whole grains instead of refined) and ate less than usual. Add in several days a week at the gym doing cardio, weight lifting and swimming and the weight came off.

Slowly, sometimes very slowly but surely. And I feel great. Other than my socks and shoes none of my clothes fit any more. I have more energy, my brain works better (keep your comments to yourself) and my outlook is brighter. It's been great. And I'm not sure I would have done it without Marko's challenge. So thank you Marko. From the bottom of my heart.

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