Thursday, April 10, 2008

Incredibly frustrated

A while back I read something that I really wanted to use later. Since it was right there at the top of my pile of "stuff" I wasn't worried about it, I could find it quickly.

Well, then a backed up schedule and a bunch of other projects all jumped the line. I shoved everything else to one side and buckled down to get caught up. Now I need to get back to that previous thought and it's gone.

I was reading something, most likely online. It was talking about young people and how several traditional points of "structure" for them have been moved/eliminated which, if memory serves, is increasing their level of stress. The thrust of the article struck me as consistent with some other work I'm doing on what I see as needed changes in how the church interacts with youth.

But I have no idea where I saw it, what it came from, or where to even begin looking. Unfortunately I read SO MUCH in any given week it could take weeks to even cover a small portion.


By any chance does this sound familiar to anyone?

Update - In fact it took me about 30 minutes to track it down. Where had I read it? Oh yeah it was a link in one of my own newsletters! Check out "The Great Family Meltdown" at the Center for Parent Youth Understanding. I've now SAVED a copy of that article onto my hard drive. Whew.


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