Monday, April 21, 2008

Just some bits and pieces

Well I'm into the final week of my weight loss contest. I haven't posted much about it because quite simply I got stuck at about 15 pounds lost. Just couldn't budge from it. Strangely adding yard work to my days seems to have unstuck me. As of this morning I'm down 20 pounds. The contest ends Friday and I'd like to drop 4 pounds this week which would put me under 190 pounds for the first time in I can't remember how long. I'd still have about 10 pounds to hit what is probably only my first weight goal. I'm betting my doctor says that she wants me to lose another 10-15 more next time a see her. Another hard to please woman in my life, sigh. (That was a JOKE! Don't bombard my lady wife with notes telling her what a cad I am. She already knows)

Reasons why, though I love Canada and Canadians I will never move to Canada. This picture was taken YESTERDAY from the front window of Tim Chesterton's house in Edmonton. Tim is a Family man, pastor, storyteller, musician, songwriter and an interesting blogger. He's also something he calls an Anabaptist Anglican. I've never been able to wrap my head around that concept yet. But then I don't care. I have a soft spot for folk singers.

I have a long list of blogs that I check on a regular basis. A good portion of them deal with the news in the Anglican Communion and I posted comments on them semi-regularly. But I've slowed down on that recently. I find that I'm schism-weary. I'm tired of being blasted for a whole host of supposed failures. I'm tired of it all. So I'll keep watching but I think I'll stay in posting "hibernation" for a while longer.

Busy month coming up. My next "free" weekend (meaning all to my own is about six weeks away. Shortly thereafter I have camp starting. It's a busy time of year. The good news is that I get to spend most of those weekends with the kids. They give me a tremendous energy boost, spirit boost and joy boost. With all due respect and affection to my fellow adults, most of you just make me tired.

Back to the salt mine...



Gman said...

All you need to do is move just across and live on the shores of Lake Erie - the "Florida" of Canada.

StLouisJohn said...

Well, JP...slug down some strong coffee and read'll offset the tiredness of my adulthood!

I'm with you on the schism-weary-ness. I really am. The blow-by-blow accounts of who-said-what, The in-depth analysis and debate over every utterance of a bishop anywhere...even if it's just a belch from a cucumber sandwich.

While not exactly youth, I'm training some people at work who are just starting their careers. I am truly enjoying it. And not just the teaching, I enjoy the vitality, interest, and enthusiasm they bring.

Cheers to yah!


toujoursdan said...

But but... aren't you a 15 minute drive from Canada? You're nearly one of us already.

Tim Chesterton said...

Thanks for the link! The snow's still coming down this morning!

To find out a bit more about the whole 'Anabaptist Anglican' thing, check out my other blog here.