Wednesday, May 28, 2008

When in danger or in doubt...

Run in circles, scream and shout!

That's about how I feel right now. Curiously things are going very well at the moment. Let's see:

Had a staff meeting yesterday. My automatic reaction to the words "staff meeting" it moaning, rolling of eyes and other signs of profound suffering. The reality is that the staff meetings with this diocesan staff are usually on point and enjoyable. It's great working with people who appear to like me and respect my voice in the discussion. I come out of them feeling good. Just like yesterday.

That was followed by a "The bishop will be out of country later this year and what do we do if all hell breaks loose" planning meeting. I was encouraged that I was not only invited to sit in, my opinion was asked and the one small suggestion I made was received very favorably.

Damn, I enjoy working with these people.

Of course I was scheduled for two more meetings (on different topics) before I could escape! One of which has an amusing (at least to me) twist.

Each year we meet with a variety of TEC and ACC (Anglican Church of Canada)diocesan staffs. There are a total of five dioceses represented (WNY, Rochester,Niagara, Huron and Toronto). We simply refer to the event as "Quint Diocese" day. Well now the Diocese of Northwest Pennsylvania (NWPA) are joining us. Which makes it Sex Diocese, no maybe not...

International Diocese day.

Got a new kitten. All black per my preference. Named Zaphod. Award yourself two extra points if you know the source of the name. I'll get a photo of her as soon as she stops zooming around harassing the senior cat (who is NOT amused!). She's exceedingly adorable.

Also got a new (for us) car for my lady wife. Her previous vehicle was a mistake from day one and cost me a lot of money for no apparent good outcome. It'll be sold as junk. Good riddance. I'll share a photo of that when I get one. It's having it's last few minor fixes being done, then tomorrow it's mine! Well actually hers but hey.

Been working in the garage to try and turn it into a real workspace. That's coming along nicely. Also using it to create a new scratching post for the cats. Turning out nicely as well.

I have defeated yet a SECOND groundhog! I'd always wondered if there weren't two of them but I never saw them together. Well a second, smaller one did indeed make itself known. And now it's been dispatched to the same woods as the first one. This one was MUCH more aggressive, fighting the trap and trying to get out. Now I have to seal up the holes before someone else moves in. I really want out of the critter gitter business.

Bought tickets for 15 people to travel to San Antonio in July for EYE. Always a frightening prospect to spend that much money. Managed to keep the cost under control (kinda sorta).

Plus today I checked in with my insurance agent, scheduled the OTHER car for a service visit(shocks, ball joint), made an appointment to get my hair cut, checked my mail, answered some e-mails, bought stuff for the next batch of chores around the house (new motion sensor light for driveway, sisal rope for cat scratch post, fencing for around veggie patch) plus I need to go buy some high density foam for the carry case I'm working on for our diocesan youth ministry communion set. I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to glue the foam into the case, how I'm going to cut the neccesary spaces out or how I'll finish the case - I want it to look nice - but I'm working on it.

Plus I need to mow the lawn, practice my guitar, read two books, do the Soap Box Derby race on Saturday(I'm the race announcer), oh yeah and there's this whole long list of things to do on my to do list for the office.

So do I wave my arms in the air while I run in circles, scream and shout?

I want to get it right, of course.



Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Hi. Clicked on your link at BeliefNet. Your post makes me tired. But it's good to read about someone who likes the people he works with.


P.S. We've been donating our old cars to Kars4Kids. Do you have that near you? Our rector recommended it to us.

PseudoPiskie said...

Nice to read that our bish is reaching out to others in the neighborhood.

And great that you have good colleagues. Helps.