Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Choking Game

Okay I'm way behind on things I want to post but this is more important. If you work with youth and haven't heard about the "Choking Game" then you need to read THIS from Tom Reindl at the Faith through Jesus blog. This isn't a joke or some overblown piece of hype. It's something we need to know about and to be ready to deal with because it's 1: Very Dangerous and 2: Very Stupid.

I remember mostly girls doing this same kind of thing when I was in elementary and junior high school so it's not even new. But depriving your brain of oxygen, for ANY reason, is something that we need to stand up and fight.

Other stuff coming tomorrow, I promise.


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Loni said...

Kids think nothing will hurt them - this is not a drug - just one time, etc. My son was one of them. He was only 16. He was a "good kid". He would have never tried drugs. He loved life - loved his 9 siblings - and most of all loved God. He had compassion for people. But, he learned of a game - this game he lost - lost his life. He tried the "choking game". His 11 year old brother found him hanging. His 15 year old brother cut him down. We are just past a year since his death, and it's still very hard. This game is dangerous, foolish, and mostly likely WILL cause death.

I am hoping my son's death, can save a life - maybe your child's, or your friend's.

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