Thursday, January 05, 2006

He's got a screw loose

The story link is in the title above.

Pat Robertson believes that God has been bumping off Israeli Prime Ministers. Yep, Ariel Sharon's stroke was a divine intervention.

My question? Too many to go into but the primary one is why do we pay any attention to Pat anymore?



I.F. said...

I have a piece in this month's Wittenburg Door about his quarterly public relations fiasco. I submitted it last August in response to the whole Chavez thing, but because of publishing deadlines it didn't see print until a few days ago. The sad thing about Pat is that he could be counted on to pull a gaffe and make the satire timely months later.

Anonymous said...

if we are children of God and Mr, sharon would be one of God's Children,that would make God a child abuser! does it not say that Jesus took out Sickness to The Cross. Why would he leave out Mr. Sharon if God is not A respector of persons?