Thursday, January 19, 2006

Some things require a response

In the past I have mentioned how impressed I've been with the people in the state of Colorado. In fact with the exception of my personal jinx at Denver's airport I've never had a bad thing to say about anyone or anything in that state.

That may have to change.

Bill Johnson is a columnist for the Rocky Mountain News. In a current column in preparation for the upcoming Steelers Broncos playoff game apparently he visited the 'Burgh (link to the column in the title). I say apparently because he refers to Pittsburgh (my home town) as " butt ugly town".

Apparently he was taken aback by the vociferous nature of Steelers fans. If you've never been around some of my homeboys it can be a little surprising. Pittsburgh is a FOOTBALL town. The Pirates? Nice. The Penguins? OK. Basketball? Well them Panthers seem to be playin some good ball. But Steeler football? You better step back and make a little room because there WILL be a demonstration. I can understand him being put off if he wasn't prepared.

I'm a little puzzled as to where he was staying since he says he was "...across the Ohio" from downtown. The Ohio flows straight away from downtown (or dahntahn as it's pronounced in my home country). If you're across a river it's either the Allegheny or the Mon.

But that to one side. "Butt Ugly"? I'm afraid I may have to set aside my preference for non-violent confrontation and ask Mr. Johnson to step outside. Quite simply Pittsburgh has one of the most beautiful skylines in the world. Several travel magazines over the last decade have agreed. Want the best view? At night, either on Mt. Washington (that would be across the Monongahela River from downtown Bill) or as you come through the Liberty Tunnels (or Tubes) from the south side of town. Check these out: 

or this:


Butt ugly? I see from his pic that Bill wears glasses (as do I). Time to either clean 'em or get them checked Billy boy.

The game this weekend should be a barn burner. Two great running teams with two great defenses. As a member of Steeler Nation I hope and believe that the Black and Gold will prevail.

And the next time Bill Johnson rolls into town I'll personally give him the grand tour and buy him a meal at Primanti's.

But only if he promises to get his eyes checked.

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mindi said...

that's just not right that he dissed your town.

pittsburgh is a nice town...great leaves in the fall. and the duquesene(sp?)incline is amazing and has great views.

you've got my vote.

Len said...

Fist fight outside would be a great fundraiser! As a life long Cowboy fan I find myself pulling for the Steelers for SuperBowl XL, it's a little pain but I think it's the right thing. I'd could NEVER pull for the Yankees to win, so I must love the Red Sox more than the Cowboys. Imagine that! :-)