Monday, January 09, 2006

A neat moment

I've suddenly got lots of ideas for blog entries! But I wanted to share this real life moment with you all.

I have a former youth, now a young adult who works at a business locally that I frequent. It's allowed me to stay in touch with him (unlike most of his contemporaries) The years since he left youth group have been tough. He's had several bad relationships, one of which ended up in a beautiful little girl. The mom has sometimes made his life pretty difficult. I've heard stories that this young man has had some problems with drugs as well. His financial situation has been up and down needless to say. Through it all I've just tried to stay in touch, say hello, ask about his daughter, whatever. He's been in my heart a lot over the years, hoping that this kid (I once gave him a letter of recommendation that said if my own daughter ever brought home a young man like him I'd be quite proud. I've never felt the inclination to change that assessment even when I knew he was in some very bad places)

Well I saw him again the other day. He told me about the new house he'd just bought, the better relationship he was in, how well his daughter was doing and the decision he'd made to get the "bad people" out of his life and focus on "the good people". I felt like cheering.

I didn't have anything to do with the immediate changes in his life. I can only hope that something I helped plant years ago helped him hang on and got him headed in the right direction.

I thank God for watching over this young man and will tap me on the shoulder if the time comes when I can help him again.


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