Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Jesus may have walked on .....ICE!

The title has the link to the article.

Seems a scientist has determined that the Holy Land may have had an extended cool spell possibly during Jesus's lifetime and that temps might have dipped below freezing. This would explain how Jesus did something that's "impossible".


Even granting that the world's environment has gone through many swings (and may still be doing so with our without our help)here's a thought from a guy who lives where the snow is falling outside my office window EVEN AS I TYPE THESE WORDS!

In order for it to create ice thick enough to hold up a full grown person it has to stay cold enough to lower the overall temperature of the body of water, then stay there long enough to generate at least a couple inches of ice. And that means you have to stay COLD day and night. A 30 degree night followed by a 45-50 degree day grows you not a lot of ice my friend.

I just jumped across the web and checked modern day temps in Israel. Hard to find them in just the right part of the country but in Jerusalem the coldest month is January and the low is 39 the high is 53. Even if the temperature change was a ten degree drop (and that's a HUGE climatic change) I don't see you generating enough ice to walk on.

But hey I'm just a youth minister from the frozen north...


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RC said...

I think it takes more faith to believe that Jesus walked on ice than it takes to believe that the creator of water walked on water.

--RC of