Monday, April 03, 2006

Webring update

You'll notice over on the right hand side not only do I list a couple of blogs but there's the links to the Youth Ministry web ring. I "manage" this ring (which means I do the paperwork. Why do I always end up with the paperwork?).
We're up to 36 active members and there are some great folks who have joined the ring. If you're interested in making connections with youth ministers from a wide variety of denominations and approaches, if you're looking for inspiration, ideas or just a laugh, you'll find it among those bloggers.

Please feel free to surf the ring and support my fellow YM bloggers.

Here at home a busy week again. Back from Binghamton (yay Province II) I've been to Buffalo once and have to go back again tonight (thank you Calvary Williamsville!) Plus did a quick report to my Lutheran brothers and sisters on the work they've called me to do.

And tomorrow I may get on a jury! I've been called and we'll see if they need me. I've actually never served on jury duty in my life so this will be interesting.


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