Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Just odds and ends

I finally found a copy of last month's column which I'll post later this week.

In the meantime just some odds and ends in my life:

I took yesterday off. Meaning I didn't get out of my pajamas till about noon, goofed off reading the new Patricia Cornwell book "Predator" (good stuff, finished it in a day)then did some chores around the house. Scrubbed the kitchen floor, cleaned the bathroom and cleared off my desk.

Now to some that will bring some puzzlement. "I thought you were taking the day OFF!" I must admit that there's certain kind of zen/holy experience in being on your hands and knees scrubbing the floor or the bath tub. Plus my house keeping tends to mirror my mental state. And my house has been a disaster of late. So this was a very important part of me getting back on track. And that floor shines!

I won the lottery! Actually I won it back in March and hadn't gotten around to checking the ticket. As part of the cleaning yesterday I checked the number. Matched three in the NY Lotto. Won a buck. I'm a lottery winner! (for the record my largest win ever was around $120. Once. Years ago)

Headline in today's Buffalo News "For Mohan, a mysterious 5 grand". Mr. Mohan is a local town supervisor who got $5000 in the mail on Friday. In cash. All $100 bills. Also included was a note which read "We like what you're doing". That's it.

Why can't someone like methat much? LOL.


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