Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Beginning anew

As part of my response to the previous post (and my thanks to everyone who has responded so far, by comment (Mad Priest rules!)by e-mail, by phone (Deacon John rules as well! Although probably NOT in the same room with Mad Priest. I have a cool group of friends)and in person. I love you all) I'm working on getting my mind and spirit back into our proper Hawaiian shirted, serving youth, loving God, emergent traditionalist mind set.

There was only one thing to do.

Clean my office.

My office is the perfect symbol of my mental state. It's never really clean and orderly but there's a certain rhythm to things. I work in a very tiny space, about 8 foot by 10 foot. In it is my corner computer desk and chair, entertainment center for the sound system, TV (currently missing since the old one died), DVD player, VCRs, chair for a visitor, small filing cabinet that doubles as my worship area, large filing cabinet, small book shelves. Plus two cases of bottled water, two cases of juice boxes (for the next youth event) various snack food bags (same reason), the leftover t-shirts, PA system, signs, limbo poles etc. That's what's in here when it's "neat". Add in extra papers, boxes, catalogs and assorted crappola and the room goes down hill fast. So if my mind has started to come unraveled the office follows. How bad was it? Two full trash cans have left the office, so far.

And I feel much better.

So keep praying for me.

Oh and by the way... if I've irked you, annoyed you or you just think I'm a complete ninny would you PLEASE tell me??????? How am I gonna get better if my brothers and sisters don't give a brutha a little help? I promise I'll listen. And we'll see where we go from there.



I really am feeling better.

So what's the weirdest thing in your office? My bet is that youth ministry types especially have strange stuff. Looking through my many candidates I'd say it's probably my two small rubber gargoyles, souvenirs of someone's trip to the Nat'l Cathedral. Either that or the roll of toilet paper I keep here which is NOT for use in the bathroom.

Go ahead, ask.

Got to go.


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