Monday, November 13, 2006

Well I did it

Well following the lead of fellow foot dragger RevRef I have moved over to the "new" blogger software. My ongoing concern has been that they refer to it as "beta", which to my mind always means "We're pretty sure there are still some bugs in this stuff but we're gonna let you find them for us".

Which I resent. I mean it's THEIR job to write code, not mine. Anyway...

So I checked this morning and all I see is the word "new"! Ah, they've finished the process and now I may proceed. It isn't until you've started the process that the word "beta" re-appears.


So if this all goes horribly wrong, I'm blaming the priest in Montana. LOL.


1 comment:

Reverend Ref + said...

Just some quick thoughts:

1: Congratulations. I'm actually fairly happy with my update. It hasn't really changed much, and provided a few new tools. Like those labels for posts ... now if I just remember to use them.

2: Labels -- I got my own label! I luv you, man!

3: "If all your other friends jumped off a bridge . . ." Don't be blaming me, dude! Although, if you want to come out here and make something of it, I'll buy you a bottle of Moose Drool (or your favorite non-alcoholic beverage) just for making the trip.

Good luck.