Thursday, November 02, 2006

Well, that was interesting...

In the last week I've been in two states (NY and PA) and two countries (US and Canada). I took an official oath (as executor of my mother's estate), signed many legal documents, attended our diocesan convention, raked leaves for the first time in over a decade and just generally ran myself ragged.

So a few notes from the week:

Best line overheard at convention: A clergy person (who shall remain nameless but he's quite tall) on a cell phone walking past me "I'm on my way to the bar for the budget hearing". Only at an Episcopal convention. For the record it was in the morning, the bar was not operating, we were simply using that space for the hearing. Given how the budget hearing goes some years doing it in the bar may not be a bad idea. Budget was passed without discussion this year (which is not necessarily a good thing)

My thanks to the youth from St. Phillip's for coming out for the youth event at Convention. It was a first time event and they let me try the program out on them this year. Look for it again next year.

I was in Canada for the annual Quint diocese day. Bishops and their staffs from the dioceses of WNY, Rochester, Huron, Niagara and Toronto gather once a year to sit around and gripe about everyone else in their dioceses. Ummmmmm...........joke! We get together to discuss a variety of issues that face us at the diocesan level and in our specific geographic area. It's always very interesting. This year was the first specific meeting of diocesan youth ministry staff. I have great hopes for what may come from that. Also great to hear that we face similar challenges.

I didn't realize that I really DID have to be "sworn in" as the executor of the estate. Had raise my hand and repeat after. My brother flew in from Texas to help me out (he's an attorney) and we had a cool time hanging out and talking in between meetings and chores.

Late last week sometime my main e-mail address at the diocese became so filled with spam that it shut itself down. Which was a little scary since it is, well, my MAIN e-mail! That's been fixed now and I'm back in communication with the world.

Raking leaves was, well, raking leaves.

Pray for our Happening this weekend! A great team led by Chuck Berds and some really great youth as candidates.



Matthew Bondy said...

Hey there,

This is Matt Bondy - you were kind enough to leave a message after my blogpost regarding the current state of the Anglican Communion. Thanks for stopping by!

I was a youth minister at my church back home, and really enjoyed the experience. Also learned a lot. There seem to be all kinds of wonderful churches in New York - S Mary the Virgin immediately comes to mind.

Again, thanks for stopping by!

Take care,

Reverend Ref + said...

Gotta love being an Episcopalian!

Oh, and if you want to come out west, I've got some leaves here that could stand to be raked up.