Thursday, April 12, 2007

Final thought on Imus

Well it appears that my prediction that his career might not be salvaegable looks prescient. A sad final note to his career.

Equally sad is his ongoing attempt to "explain" this all away. Two things struck me. A comment by Imus saying he wants to explain the "context" of the statement. I'm still working on the context where this kind of comment would be acceptable for someone in Imus's position. The second is saying that the racist term was originated in African American culture. There is an old saw in comedy about always being able to rip on your own. Meaning that as a white middle aged American I'm pretty much free to take as many shots at white middle aged American guys as I like (and let's face it, that is a rich vein for humor). Don Imus of course is NOT an African American female college athlete so that doesn't qualify here. Beyond that a growing number of leaders in the African American community are pointing out that they don't much care for that term coming from anyone's lips.

Don, a word from a former admirer. Shut up. Take your lumps. Admit to terminal stupidity without out any mitigating circumstances. Wear your sack cloth and ash. You might just survive. Otherwise, mount up and ride off into the sunset on the ranch.


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