Monday, April 23, 2007

Movie update

I continue to check out the wonders delivered to my door by Netflix!

"Little Miss Sunshine" - I would LOVE to use this as a youth group movie, but the language is just too much. This is a wonderful story about a very weird family dealing with some very real family problems. I'm not saying their solutions are optimal but the results work. Primarily they start actually paying attention to one another. Bizarrely it happens mostly through the agency of their foul mouthed, drug using grandfather. Through his completely inappropriate suggestions and example he gets the family where it needs to be. Caring for one another and putting aside some really stupid preconceptions. I really enjoyed this movie.

Then there's "The Weather Man" which proves that a good director and a fine cast can't save a wretched script. It's just a dumb movie. It's "solutions" to the family problems in this one are stupid and simplistic. The language issue in this one is different. The movie rolls along without much objectionable language and then it's as if the scriptwriter thought "Oh, I need more obscenity". At which point he dumps a whole scene of pointless and unnecessary swearing in. For no apparent reason. This is the second movie I got because Nick Cage was in it and the second that was just dreadful. Don't waste your time.

Finally, on my daughter's recommendation we watched "Memento" Wow. What an amazing movie. It's the story of a man who suffered a brain injury and can no longer make new memories. Stuff from before the injury is fine but after a relatively short period of time (we're talking 15-20 minutes max) everything fades away and he has to start all over again. They do a great job of leading you through the challenges of the injury and the hero's rather innovative way of dealing with it. The story telling technique is in bursts, moving backward. So if you're looking for an easy, no thinking movie, this ISN'T it. Plus it's the kind of movie that leaves you plenty to discuss at the end. Really liked this. Good call by the kid!


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