Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm so weird

The title will hardly come as a surprise to many of you. I got tagged last week by another meme, this one is the "Six Weird Things". I'm supposed to list six weird things then tag six more people. I always hate the last bit.

I got tagged by my friend pseudopiskie

Here goes:

1: I can not abide uncovered dark windows. If it's dark outside the drapes MUST be drawn. My mother had a thing for sheers which I do not count as drapes. I don't want you (or the aliens) looking in my windows at night. During the day I have every drape open.

2: I can not remember my daughter's phone number or her dorm room # (among MANY other things) but my brain is an absolute sponge for trivia. It is the absolute bane of my daughter's life. I think my lady wife has simply learned to tolerate it. If it is pointless, useless knowledge I probably know it. My nick name is the "Fount of Useless Information".

3: I love words and word play. Do not make the mistake of thinking that I am some Oscar Wilde wit. Oh no, I love obscure wordplay and obscure words. Often I'm the only one who can track back how I made the connection. But there's always a connection. I also love phrases from other languages and countries. I'm trying to find a circumstance to work in the word "gobsmacked" (been watching a lot of BBC America)

4: I'm very good, in fact rather amazing, at recognizing people by their voices. Your face may or may not mean anything to me and your name probably fled my memory moments after we met. But if we've been around each other for very long I'll recognize your voice. I do this all the time on TV shows. Doesn't matter how much they change their looks, I'll catch the voice.

5: I don't particularly like cleaning the house. But if my wife goes away on a trip or to visit I will inevitably clean the house. Wash down the kitchen, vacuum, dust, do the laundry, clean the bathroom, whatever. I feel no urge to clean when she's around.

6: I am prone to silliness. Despite being a middle aged person with a responsible job I am known to wander around the house doing things like quacking like a duck. No reason, it just amuses me. Sometimes I quack like a Swedish duck. (You really don't want to know). I'll burst into nonsense songs, or do a silly walk or just walk around with a crazed look in my eye looking for mischief to get into. I may decide to wear the laundry hamper as a hat. As I said, it amuses me.

Well now you're all quite sure that I'm quite crackers. I have no idea who may see this or if they've done it before so perhaps I'll tag Gman, Mindi, Revref, and anyone else who so chooses. Drop me a line if you do.


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you got me. i posted.