Monday, April 02, 2007

What to talk about?

I've got several ideas I want to develop a little more deeply in the works. So I've been thinking about several little things:

Movies I've bee watching:

Calender Girls - cute funny movie. We enjoyed it a lot. There's a lot of "near nakedness" in this one, all of middle aged and older women. If you don't know the story a group of English ladies decided to raise money for their local hospital by doing a cheesecake calender. They're nude but with carefully place items in the frame so you can't really see anything. Based on a true story. Wonderful statement on beauty at all ages.

Lord of War - I'm a big Nick Cage fan and was looking forward to this one. The DVD glitched about 45 minutes into the movie and I was perfectly happy to turn it off. Probably won't get a new copy to finish it. Incredibly slow.

Waking Ned Devine - This one's an Irish film about a village that tries to claim a winning lottery ticket after it's owner dies (from the shock of winning!) There's a really cheesy bit right at the end that resolves the only hurdle to them pulling it off that's borderline terrible. Otherwise a funny warm film.

Been reading lots of things. Among those I've liked (I'll spare you the ones that I didn't like):

Green Shadows and White Whale by Ray Bradbury
. A Bradbury that I'd never heard of, written about his time in Ireland working on a Moby Dick script with director John Huston. Huston doesn't come off very well (to no surprise if you know anything about him) but Ireland gets an absolute love poem written to it. Not bad, but very Bradbury.

Letters to a Young Evangelical by Tony Campolo Not finished with this yet but I'm liking it. Campolo has made me think, even when I don't agree with him. First one of his books I've ever read.

Interesting article in the new Rolling Stone about the JFK murder. Supposedly Nixon era White House "plumber" E. Howard Hunt spilled the beans on his death bed to his son. Don't know if I believe it or not (LBJ was behind it all, sez he). What Hunt did teach me back in the day when I was just becoming politically aware is not to trust anything he says. Hunt was a con man and perfectly comfortable making up whatever he felt was "best". Makes interesting reading. So does the story on Pink Floyd. More ego driven dysfunctional rockers.

Other than that it's been quiet here. Which is good during Holy week. Take some time to pray this week. Attend a Holy week service either at your own church or somewhere else. I find the Maundy Thursday service particularly compelling.


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mindi said...

love, love, love calendar girls. it's also a fabulous observation on how women are friends and stick through the tough places in life with one another in ways that men can't.