Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Lenten Discipline?

I'm not sure this counts. Although I am giving something up for Lent (basically).

Well, actually I just happen to be giving it up at the same time as Lent so it really doesn't count that way.

You see on Friday, February 8 2008 I did something that I have not done in 30 years. And did it with some trepidation.

I shaved my upper lip.

No one has seen that lip since my junior year at college. No one. Not once. It has resided safely ensconced under a mustache for all these years.

And it's gone.

The mustache, not the lip.

It feels rather strange really. I get this sensation of a draft when I inhale through my nose. I keep going to play with the mustache and it's not there. I have to remind myself to shave there each morning!

We(meaning me and she who has the only relevant opinion)are giving it till Easter to decide if we like it. My daughter has already cast her vote (bring back the lip hair!). So we'll see.

As to my weight loss plans they hit a small bump. I dropped some weight, then gained some of it back during my birthday weekend. I'll dispatch those pounds again quickly.

In the first week I lost just over 10% of my total goal. Not bad. Let's see if we can keep it going.


1 comment:

Reverend Ref + said...

Congrats on the weight loss thing. As for the mustache shaving ... No way.

I've had a mustache since I could grow one (which, I think, was 17). You are braver than I.